Something on my virtual platform isn't working as expected. How can I get tech support?

Once you’re logged into the platform, tech support is right at your fingertips via the handy dandy “Tech Support” chat feature. You can access this by clicking the blue “Tech Support” rectangle that floats to the right of your screen. On the morning of the livestream, you will be able to live chat with our team. Ahead of the event, you can leave a message here and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

If you’re having trouble getting signed up or logged into the platform itself, you can reach out for support directly via email at [email protected].

What do I do if my registration info is incorrect?

Typo in your name? No problem! If you need help changing your registration information, just reach out to [email protected] and we can change this on our end.

How do I access the livestream?

Just log into this virtual platform and click on the blue “Livestream” button in your site menu to access the stream. When it’s time for the meeting to start, the stream will automatically populate. If it’s past time for the meeting to start and you still don’t see the stream, then try refreshing your page. Still nothing? Just click on the “Tech Support” rectangle floating to the right of your screen to reach out to our team for real-time tech support.

How do I join the Q&A session after the livestream?

We will first meet altogether to watch the main livestream on this platform via the Livestream page. Afterwards we will all join the Q&A session via Zoom. You can find the Zoom link in a couple of places: 1) in the Up Next section below the video stream on the Livestream page (this only appears 1 hour before Q&A start time), or 2) in your personalized agenda on the Agenda page. Just click the link to initiate the Zoom call. If you haven’t yet installed Zoom on your computer, you’ll be prompted to do so when you click the link.